I Am Red Night Sky

I saw an indigenous human through my third eye.  This is what he said, while standing near the river’s bed. I am Red Night Sky. You dry the tear from my eye No reason do I have to cry Mother Earth and her sky, have not passed us by We are healed From all that […]

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Message From Abiana

I am Abiana from your star system of Orion. This now moment and every now moment is a bubble of reality without a story.  You fill in every story and every memory in every moment. The idea of a continuous life or a process is filled in by your mind.  This story is derived from your […]

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Message from Earth Alliance

We are the Earth Alliance. We no longer wish to speak to your egocentric idea of yourself. No longer will your idea of fear of another or pride in who you think that you are be recognized in this 5D neutrality net. The authority that you think you have over another will crumble.  The fear […]

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A Message From Oxil

I am Oxil.  I am Arcturian, From your star system of Arcturus. We are here to assist Hu-manity in her idea of restructuring, renewing, regenerating and realizing a new way of being. There is an idea of you knowing your full potential.  This idea of your full potential requires you to be in an attitude […]

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